No Nits Naturally

Helpful HintsIt is essential to use the prevention spray every day, as the lice do not have days off. Be generous when using the prevention spray, depending on the hair length. At least 10 sprays are required for average shoulder length hair. It is important to spray behind the ears and above the neck line, as the lice favour these spots to lay their eggs. A bottle of spray should last 4 -5 weeks on long hair and a bit longer for shorter hair. There are at least 500 sprays per bottle.

There is a child lock on the prevention spray bottle. Keep this in mind if you need to prevent young ones from spraying. Remember to store your bottles at below 30 degrees. It is best kept in a cupboard, away from direct sunlight.

We choose not to use any chemicals, stabilisers or emulsifiers in our products. The ingredients may separate, solidify or rise to the top. Ensure you shake both the prevention spray and solution treatment before using.

Our solution may look different and strange, compared to others. It may appear to have a thinner consistency, a lighter colour, and ingredients may solidify at the top. Remember it does not contain any strong chemicals, like others on the market. It is natural and gets results.

If there are lice at your childcare centre or school, start using the solution the same as you would an everyday shampoo.

One of the ingredients in our solution is neem oil. This is proven to be the most effective home remedy and is a very powerful lice repellent. Neem oil comes from a plant and has been used for centuries. Lice cannot stand any hint of the neem smell. When the lice are smothered with oils they are suffocated and will stop breathing. Due to neem’s high melting point, it may solidify in cool temperatures and have white lumps, which is quite normal. If this occurs, run the bottle under warm water. Rosemary oil plays an important part in both our solution and spray, as it is a natural preservative.

It is recommended to leave solution on for at least 45 minutes and cover with cling wrap or a clean, firm- fitting shower cap. Cling wrap works brilliantly, and most households already have some in the pantry. It is important to completely flatten the cling wrap tightly onto the hair, to ensure the suffocation in the oils.

When combing out the solution with the Micro groove Comb, you can also use the prevention spray on the hair. This will assist with detangling and make combing easier. It is also a good idea to comb the hair thoroughly again, after you have conditioned and rinsed.

Regular checking is most important for at least 3 weeks after a treatment. The Micro groove is the perfect tool for detection and dragging out any lice or nits. For easy detection, it is best to use natural sunlight or the best lighting possible. Remember to always start combing at the scalp, as this is closest to where the eggs are laid. Especially look behind the ears and above the neck line.

Remember to wipe comb onto white paper towel or white tissue and rinse comb between each combing process. This will rinse off any nits or lice you missed when wiping onto tissue, and it will help dissolve the glue that the lice use to attach their eggs. It is handy to have a large bowl of warm water by your side for rinsing.

The Micro groove works well on dry hair as well as wet and also works well with any conditioner. Simply leave conditioner in, and comb through small sections of hair, to remove any lice or nits. Because of the pale colour of conditioner, it is easy to detect the lice and nits.

Helpful Hints

Remember to do 2 follow up treatments, to ensure you remove the nits that may have hatched. One needs to be done 7-10 days after the first treatment followed by another, one week later. These treatments are important, as it is very easy to miss one or two eggs.

Another proven home remedy to assist in removal of the nit eggs - Rinse your hair thoroughly with water, whilst leaning over a bathtub, then pour a large amount of vinegar over the head. Then rinse out before combing with the Micro groove. Vinegar can help dissolve the egg’s glue and prevent them from maintaining their grip.

It is always a good idea to tie long hair back when sending your kids to school, childcare, playgroups, slumber parties or any situation where there is close contact with other kids. Pony tails, plaits, buns and braids are good styles with a generous amount of prevention spray.

It is recommended you wash hair brushes, combs, bedding, pillow slips and towels, if your household has come in contact with head lice. It is important to use hot water when washing. It is important not to share hats and brushes with others if lice are present.

It can be beneficial to have 2 Micro groove combs to speed up the combing process. One for you and one for an assistant, especially for longer, thicker hair.
Our prevention spray is also a great product for adults. It smells lovely and fresh, it conditions, nourishes and detangles the hair.

When treating for lice you need patience and time, especially when treating children. They may need to be occupied with a book, TV, or some sort of distraction. It is essential to be thorough and follow directions. If the process is rushed, then lice and nits will be missed, and the cycle will continue.

Our products are for external use only and you need to avoid any contact with eyes. If pregnant, please consult a doctor before using, due to the essential oils. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.